want to buy audio vedio system


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Jul 13, 2009
kolkata india

I am new to the forum and this is my first query. I want to buy a audio /vedio system. Listening to music is my priority over movie. I like Instrumental -Indian classical , African traditional , Tagore , Bengali modern songs and sometimes western . Sound clarity is first priority to me ( for instrumental ) . My area is abount 16 ft * 23 ft-in first floor . I have open area in between first and groung floor ( no ceiling ) and I want keep the the system in first floor. My budget is 80K .I have preference for BOSE( since I am not very aware ) . Would any one please suggest the purchase plan .I have been trying for last one month and feeling fade up.
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if music is of most importance to you then i suggest a simple 2 channel stereo setup. you got MUCH better sound quality for the same budget compared to surround sound. and its pretty good for movies too.

thats quite a big area esp with it not being contained. if youre looking to really blast it then you would need floorstanders. bookshelves you can play loud but cant blast in that area. the reason you would consider bookshelves over the floorstanders is because of again better sound quality within the budget
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