WD TV HDMI not working :(

Burning Grunt

New Member
Aug 3, 2009
I have WD TV Media Player, Sony 46W550A LCD and Denon 1910. Earlier I had connected my WDTV to my old Samsung CRT via component. It worked without any issues. Later I upgraded my gear to Sony 46W550A LCD and Denon 1910.

Now I am trying to pass video to my LCD via direct HDMI and audio to my receiver via Optical. But I am not able to change the settings in WDTV video input from component to HDMI. :mad: Even if I do so, initially WDTV asks to set resolution. I set it to Auto (not sure what to choose from 1080p 24Hz/50Hz/60Hz). Then at TV HDMI port, WDTV asks whether to keep set resolution. If I press 'OK' the screen goes black and WDTV again goes back to component port. The audio is working fine with Optical connected to my receiver.

WDTV owners...any solution to this issue? :sad:

Hi, I got the solution on some AV forum. First, I connected the WD TV via component. Then I reset the WD TV in system settings, switched it off and connected with HDMI. It is working fine.
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