WD TV Live availabality


Sep 23, 2007
Hi all
Please can anyone find out where in US WD TV Live is readily available for US$ 120?
Amazon - not readily available
Best Buy -Backordered

Pls help if you find any other place?
also anything better less than US $ 150 ( apart from xtreamer) I require HD Audio( Dolby True HD and DTS MA etc) and M2ts Support)
and it should be readily available.....

You need to keep tracking the sites - Newegg, BestBuy, etc.
It becomes available for a few hours, and then gets sold out.

You can set up an alert by going to PriceGrabber.com - Comparison Shopping, Online Shopping, Product Reviews
- create an account
- select the product
- set an alert

Price grabber will send you an email if it becomes available at any online site in the US.

That's how I bought it from Best Buy. Got it delivered to my brother-in-law, who is visiting India next month.

You can also try B&H. Its a very reputed Camera store, which also stocks electronics. I have used them for buying all my photography equipment.
wd tv live
where can i buy this in delhi... is 20 North a genuine site? has anyone bought anything from it before... how much is the expected delivery time....
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