Well hello world, the said listening skills were important

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Apr 11, 2019
Hi people, I'm Vivek. I've been hifivision for a while now but hadn't posted anything here more so cos I didn't have sufficient privileges to do so hehe. Nevertheless, the forum has already made a significant dent in finances and sufficiently boosted my audio experience. I've met some fabulous people through this forum, take the example Sriram balasubramanian. The man has done absolute justice to his last name. Not only he did he sell me his mint condition yamaha avr but he went the extra mile in helping me source awesome klipsch speakers & a BIC america subwoofer for a real good deal. In addition to pointing me in the right direction in making auditory decisions he's been a true inspiration. Since I've already been here i thought I'd say hello to everyone, I'm Vivek and i love my movies and nothing makes me happier than a fabulous audio setup that brings to life the movies and or the music.
Thanks to this forum I'm learning and training my ears to differentiate subtle difference in sounds, that doesn't mean I'm gonna contribute meaningfully to discussions where someone said cables can make a huge difference to the clarity of audio no way jose I ain't so strong yet. But yeah I've acquired decent enough knowledge to say yes power cables designed by murthy sir does make a difference in the quality of volume and bass delivered by my subwoofer compared to my older not so good quality cables. I invest atleast 10 minutes a day surfing through hifivision to what ppl are buying to upgrade their setup and what ppl r selling to further improve their setup. In addition to zillions of articles on how 1 gets classified as a audiophile.
Anyway, I work for a bank with over 17 years of work experience and nothing quite calms me down or soothes my soul like the audio experience provided by my simple 5.1.2 setup. Thanks for providing the resources to increase my knowledge and a community that is so supportive in taking decisions related to audio.
And thank you everyone who've sold me their mint condition equipment or have given great advise thus far.