wharfedale moview star 60 + Yamaha or Denon - Help Needed.


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Jun 25, 2008
I am planning to go for Wharfedale movie star 60 + speakers and Yamahi 461 or Denon 1508 Receiver. Can you people guide me which is the good receiver for the setup. I want to go for these speakers as I have a small Room and am constrained with budget. I had a audition with Yamaha and liked the sound.

How about denon. Will they drive these speakers properly. Please help me in this regard

A question first. Since you say you have already heard the Wharfedale + Yamaha combination and liked the sound, why don't you just go for that itself.

Here are some pointers about Yamaha and Denon. Both are very close to each other in terms of technology and offerings. There are enough people who will swear by either brand. But the general understanding is that Denon sounds 'warmer' while Yamaha is bright. At the same time Yamaha has spent huge amounts of money on technology and has introduced a number of proprietary sound enhancements (such as CinemaDSP) specifically for movie watching.

At the end I would strongly suggest you hear both systems before deciding which one to buy.
As I told I liked Yamaha + Wharfedale. Only thing thats is in my mind when thinking of Denon is that it supports HDMI (video) but Yamaha doesnt.

And where in Bangalore other that Vectors will I be able to get Yamaha 461 and Wharfedale. Vectors Quoted me 19500 for speakers and 22000 for Receiver which I think is on the higher side.

Can gurus here help me where will I get these Cheaper and where can I get competent people to Install the system at home.

Venkat Finally something I agree with :D ! what you say is very true and holds good ;) !

Entry level Yamaha does have some tendencies to be bit brighter ! but in the movie mode it'll more then make-up with this !

Baburaj I'd strongly request you to stretch a bit and buy 70+ instead of 60+ for the simple reason,while 60+ has a single driver design the 70+ is a two way,hence the sound will obviously better and worth the little extra money that you spend !! also the sub while the 60+ has 8" 100W sub the 70+ has a much better and must have or default size for movies 10" with 150W power !!

AVR can be from either one based on your choice of usage !!

Ahhhhhhh! SoundsGreat, we finally agree on something!! I am sure we can start a great relationship on this note.

Baburaj, a couple of points to look at.

1. The Yamaha 461 seems to be an old model and that is the reason they are not supporting HDMI. They have a new model called 463 that has similar specs but supports HDMI.

2. The Denon does sound good. I am sure if you liked the sound of Yamaha you will like the sound of a Denon unless you prefer sound to come and hit you on your face. As I said before, the Denon will sound softer and warmer.

3. You should also look at Onkyo's 506, a new model that they have introduced. Onkyo, for the last one year, has been beating both Denon and Yamaha on technology and sales. Their 600, 700, and 800 series were runaway bestsellers last year. I have a Onkyo 875 that I purchased for their Reon upscaling, and I am very happy with it's performance. Actually both Onkyo and Yamaha may sound similar to the ear.

I am not sure about Yamaha's dealership in Bangalore. You can contact their Mumbai office number (022-2640 7318) and get the details. If you are really interested, I can check with their dealer in Chennai, get the price, and see if they will ship it to you in Bangalore. This is a company called Torvin and their contact detail is 044-2858 7256.

If you need any other help, please let me know.

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