Wharfedale speaker audition at QUBIX, Bengaluru


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May 5, 2014
Hi all,
I happened to visit QUBIX showroom today as I was in the MG road area for some work.

I was extremely impressed by the level of professionalism, knowledge, hospitality and most importantly with the sound demo I've had.
I heard the Wharfedale Diamond 12 series and the Wharfedale EVO series.. one word. Mindblown!
The emotion in this setup was palpable in every song I heard and in the movie scenes I've experienced.

My wife was with me and she was like, "This doesn't feel any different from a theatre!"

I would've gone to multiple places for a demo in the last few months, but none of them came close to what QUBIX had.
And, this demo was not even in a dedicated HT room. They had wooden flooring and some false ceiling.

Components: Yamaha RX-a880, Wharfedale Diamond 12, SVS 12" subwoofer (don't remember the model)
Movie source: Scenes from a Bluray disc; Music source: Spotify premium.

I highly recommend folks to visit this place if you are in B'lore and if you are considering Wharfedale / B&W.
Mighty impressed. Just wanted to share this for the benefit of others.

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