What Hi-fi (India)..nishant


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Dec 8, 2007
Mohali (Near Chandigarh)
we all fans of what Hi-FI want to request u following to do ASAP
1. Dont repeat the same buyers guide again and again, update products and their prices also and plz dont mention products that are phased out

2.Do a thorough market research in india then quote/mention ur prices.IN JAN 08 issue (in TEST EXPRESS section Page:42) cost of Blu Ray player of SONY Model BDP-S300 is 29,990/-, and not 39,990/- , this is a very bad mistake, as it can effect decision of lot of people, it makes whole test meaningless.
3. Please introduce/test etc products as soon as they are available in india.like u introduced us to LG's 32 inch LCD Tv model 32LB9RB in jan 2008 ISSUE while this TV has been around here in India for half of 2007

we know u are in the process of doing all above and we appreciate ur efforts .....BEST OF LUCK
...And if possible, give a link to where things can be purchased in india (if an uncommon product, especially)

.. Finally, i know it is not done elsewhere, but why not be the first to have a page on firmware updates to consumer electronics?
-- Unlike IT products, consumer electronics manufactures have been very slow in proving the auto update feature for their s/w, firmware and it is very tough to keep searching product websites.. so list products whose firmwares were issued in the recent past and info on where applicable etc..
WhatHifi's India issue sucks. It's the same stuff that's repeated over and over again with hardly any good informative articles. Better to subscribe to Stereophile.
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