What*HiFi @ Rs60


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Mar 3, 2008
The uk premier hifi mag "what hifi" [indian] edition price is reduced to 60Rs. from 100 before.... i got my copy last week!

just small good news for audiophiles .:)

Dear Kaushik,
It was a Bi monthly mag and was priced @ 100/- but has since become monthly and price was reduced to 60/-. This change occured months ago.
Problem with the mag is the lack of reading material and obsolete models/prices in many instances. In fact i am now liking the AV Max more than WHF. They seem to be improving with every issue.
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oow:eek:..my mistake
... yes there were no more big useful info technically .. just picture filled

i have Uk back issues ... that was little better
Yes the UK edition has much more to read, and is UPDATED in info and pricing. The downside is the local price of 675/- or so.

Kaushik u are right when u say there is nothing in it really for technical guys like yourself. I guess they will improve too at least i hope they do!
The magazine is good Eye Candy. NOTHING more :(

It simply passes verdits... without giving a detailed background on which system the equipment was partnered with for the listning test... which music was used to come to that conclusion etc.

Also I dont understand if their verdict is absolute or compared to other products in the same price category.

... and they give (quite significant ) weightage on the Power Consumed by Audiophile gear ??? :confused:
AV Max seems to do more serious reviews in India, but the stuff they lift from Hi-Fi Choice is so poorly lifted it defies description. I know it is licensed content, but at the very least get a sub-editor to go through and make appropriate localisation. References to Fortnum and Mason and all can easily be replaced by references to comparable places in India. If their license terms with HI FI Choice do not allow this, they should re-negotiate their agreements, but as it is, it looks extremely shoddy.

The local content in What Hi Fi is almost non-existent, and what exists is of even poorer quality than AV-MAX. The good thing about what hi-fi though is they have all their reviews on the web, and they have discussion forums where their editors respond and so on.
IMHO, even AV MAX reviews are very poor....for example in their review of the Mordaunt Short Mezzo 2 ( July 2008 issue ) they used an Onkyo receiver and a Denon DVD player......I mean is that a serious review or did they just use whatever was at hand? In one of their awards issues( 2006? ) they didn't have any award for a CD player......and in their 2007 awards issue they had only one category for CD players with the NAD C 542( the old warhorse ) competing against a Denon costing more than 1 lakh! Is CD dead for AV MAX ?
yes , i agree with you people !

AV max is little better ....
but most of AV magazines are driven by sponsors :( .. they prefer to
use literature to pull buyers.. .... than to reveal real facts or technical terms

why most reviews are done on 60k + or 1lakh + systems ....

i believe HifiVision forum is the right place for learning ..
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