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Mar 12, 2008
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Hi all, i have been reading various reviews over the last 2 weeks to finally norrow down on

(a) Cambridge Audio 540 V2 amp and CD player with Monitor
Audio Bronze BR2 speakers.

(b) NAD 352 Amp / Marantz 6002 CD Player with Monotor Audio
Bronze BR 2 Speakers.

having done this, the meat of the matter for a working class music lover, what is the fair price to pay for these combinations in India? also is it possible to demo these in Mumbai?

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks
Both the Cambridge Audio 540A V2 amp and Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 are around the 18.5k mark each. The 540C V2 CD player is about 17.5k, and the 640C V2 around 21.3k. You can get the CAs from FX Entertainment (Fx Entertainment) and the MA from Nova Audio (NOVA AUDIO PVT. LTD.). You may be able to to audition the CA at your closest dealership.
For Nad in mumbai contact lakozy@ 23697001/2. The C352 is now replaced by the C355. The price was about 28K and the price of the marantz should be about 20K. The MA BR 2 should be 18/19 K. If u can get a C352 (they may have some left over stock)take it at a discounted rate. I dont think there will much much difference in the sound.
For MA also call boomerang(26194452) and check prices. Ya Dynaudio makes some super speakers but my opinion is that some of the lower ranges somehow dont have the dyna sound. This is solely my opinion. I had a Contour 1.3 SE and i loved it and have heard quite a few of the newer ranges and i would not long to own any of them. I guess MA is great VFM
Kool, then its MA for speakers. One decision taken
Step 2.
Will the NAD 315 or CA 540 V2 drive these speakers efficiently?

Or should i once and for all spend some more money and get the NAD 352.
Step 3.
As for the CD player i guess it will be a CA with CA amp/ Marantz 6002 with NAD amp. right?
I've been using the dyna 52 for some time now & i've yet to come across a spk with a better (true) tonality & balance. I aslo feel the 52SE is a real bargain. I've heard the MA but ve not liked them over the dyna.
Yes the more expensive dyna's sound better. All dyna req good clean power a NAD/ CA would work but would not extract the dyna true potential.
Give a listen before deciding.
Hearing is believing.
All the best.
BTW i called Nova today and they quoted about 21.5 for the BR2.

Pity. Sumaria used to stock Monitor Audio and charged about 18.5 for the BR2 and 30-ish for the BR5. When I checked last week they seemed to have stopped selling MA and now have Klipsch reference series.

The MA silver series might suit you better with a budget of 70k. The RS bookshelf should be in the low 30's. As suggested you should listen to see if you like it. At this budget you should also consider PSB Image. If you are visiting Lakozy at Chowpatty for the NAD you can listen to the PSB at the same place. Being from "sister companies" like Cambridge Audio & Mordaunt-Short, NAD & PSB go together quite well.

Dinyaar's suggestion of the NAD C352 is an excellent one. It will be able to drive a wide variety of speakers without a problem.

The CA 540A V2 is a bit lacking in power if you wish to connect it to the likes of the Dynaudio and MA silver series. Consider the 640A V2 if at all. In the end its up to your taste.
Try the Dyna by all means and see if u like them.
I would look at a C352 as a minimum for start up amplification. Am not being snooty but i truly feel u need a little more power than the 515 to do justice to most speakers. At least there is no straining and a sense of effortlessness. Also as i mentioned since its discontinued u should get one for 25 or less from Lakozy and he had a few when i spoke to him last month.
The dyna really requires power. Believe me when i had the 1.3SE i had tried it with tons of amplifiers way beyond the speakers power handling and the bigger amps really made the speaker shine.
I will give u my opinion on CA. I would only look at CDP s from that brand if i am pushed. Amps never. And even a cdp i would prefer a marantz. But this is my opinion and u should trust ur ears. As u can figure i am not a CA fan at all.
Best regards.
Hi Neo and Dinyaar, Thanks for the advice on the Dynaudio 52...but its way over my budget. (Maybe will search for a good deal/ secondhand Dynaudio 42)
I dont want to exceed 70K, Say 25-30K for speakers, and 20-25K for Amp and 20K for CD player.
Will check out the NAD+ PSB at Lacozy. Infact calling them right away to check on the NAD352BEE, if i get a good deal then the Amp too is decided.......but i am back to square 1 on the speakers MA BR2/PSB Image 25/Dyna 42:confused:
Also will check out the Marantz 6002 CD Player..Dinyaar where should i look for it at 20K?

I dont think I will be able to hear this combination at one place:(, so i guess, will decide on the speakers and Amp...byu them....and then take them to the amp dealer.;)

Finally, yes i shall hear it and decide.
If the dyna's exceed your budget than I would suggest you check the tannoy fusion2 or their studio monitors reveal 6. They are both highly underrated the studio monitors come only in maroon finish & without the grills. Sadly there is no dealer in mumbai & hopefully it will be rectified shortly. I second dinyaar on the CA bit but I?m not totally against them. Also don?t go short on cables & interconnects.
All the best.
I agree with the above recommendations, but wanted to add that CA is not really that bad :) I am using a CA 640 in my bedroom. It is a laid back amp with a bit more details than NAD in the high frequencies, but lacks the warmth and power of NAD. So you could try it out for yourself and decide.

For the Spk QED silver anniversary XT & QED Quenex 3 intertconnects seem a good bargain for your budget. If you buy a bi wirable design try to get a biwire spk cable.
You may also try the KEF IQ5se, havent heard them my self but a couple of my friends liked them. You can find them at pro fx at atria.
I've have never come across bargain at expo's, i feel you are better of bargaining at showrooms as they'll have more time for you.
All the best.
Hi all, heard the NAD 352 with the MA Bronze BR2 & Marantz 6002 CDP....:( was disappointed (too warm....not much clarity and at higher volumes it just could not deliver), guess its the BR2 to blame ...so heard them with the Quad 12L...(yes, the price is much higher than what we discussed earlier). It sounded much better than what i heard earlier. Then changed the amp to Marantz 7001...and it sounded like a different world. Very clear and bright. Can anybody tell me what went wrong with the NAD 352? I had expected a lot more. I will give it another try with the PSB speakers....just in case :eek:.
Will also listen to CA later in the week.
Frankly what u say about the sound at higher volumes not being good is a trait of all budget HIFI. Most of the small integrateds from various manufacturers sound sweet at modest volumes but cant remain clean when u turn up the knob. In my opinion u actually can use at best only half the volume control rest (if the amp allows!!!!!!) is pure distortion.
The BR2 is a decent budget speaker but it will sound boxy. The quad has different qualities but even the Nad/quad combo refuses to go loud clean. I personally like to have a big amp even with small standmounts. I feel i get great control and a neutral presentation at various volume levels.
I guess u can try the MA silver book shelf, i dont like the kefs in that range too much, quad is a better bet.
As for the amp the 352 is decent for the price. I dont think u will find the 355 any better. Most of these amps have low damping factors and struggle when cranked. I would say the same applies to most amps from various brands. In my opinion the arcam is better than NAD,Rotel,Marantz in that price range. I guess u can audition the Rotel/B&W combo at AVI and compare to what u heard.(Thought this combo will be costlier).
Dont be in a hurry and hear as much as u can. I know the drill can sometimes get frustrating but take the time and make the effort and really explore all options and u can always rely on me to confuse u further!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha
Best regards.
Hi Dinyaar, as a newbee, I really appreciate the advice given....it does not add to the confusion but on the other help me narrow down on the best without going through the same grind that youll must have been through.

The lesson i learnt yesterday was,
(a) Hear what you intend buying and dont go only by the reviews.
(b) For every budget there is the good/ better and best, if you hear the next higher level the lower one would thereafter sound muddy.:)
(c) Its the speakers that matter a lot and make the biggest difference in the steup...so that here a major portion of my budget will go.(35-45K)

What next, Split my budget of 70K between the Speakers and Amp, the CDP can come later after a bonus = more hard work at office.

To narrow down on the Speakers; will hear the NAD 352 again with MA Silver RS1 and PSB Image25. Read about the Epos M12.2 and Dyna audiance 52...can you tell me about them, sound, dealers etc and add to my confusion. :D
What about Advance Acoustic amps?... where and which model of Arcam should i look for?....this hunt seems to be getting more and more interesting and challenging....I have some time at hand and will hearout my options. Any help from you all who have heard most of these brands is greatly appreciated.

Reviews do help. The important thing here is unbiased views/reviews.

I do not agree when magazines say u should split ur budget 3 way or spend say 2L on a cdp if i spent 2 on an amp. Others may disagree. In most of my set ups in the past the speakers have been better/costlier( need not always go together) than my electronics and i have never been unhappy.

Dynaudio s are generally good speakers, with good detail and solid bass.(even the stand mounts) Have not owned one for some time but from what i recall are 4 ohms and a very demanding drive. So if u are going for a dyna u will need a robust amp. Ya i prefer a dyna to a quad or an MA speaker but then a dyna is also more expensive. The MA silver series is a great bang for the buck and so are the quads(are now made in china) but most of these sound boxy and have their pro s and cons. Go with the sound u like then try getting the best amplification. I think the cdp from marantz is a good choice and one that is pretty unfussy to partner. Spend on the electronics now and cables u can keep for later. I mean u buy basic ICS and speaker wire to get started and as finances permit explore and see if u like the differences and feel the outlay is justified. The epos u mention is a sweet tonal speaker but wont go loud with any conviction. Another thing to budget will be a decent speaker stand as putting on stools,shelves will give u a boomy bass.(can make a functional metal stand with a little effort for less than 5K)
Lastly avoid advance accoustics amps and i doubt u will like the PSB speakers. I like the image 45 for the price but most of my friends dont, they feel it lacks excitement and lacks detail. As regards the Arcam i am sorry they are priced much higher than the NAD/Marantz amps and not worth the local price. I thought the A 70 would be 35 K or so but i hear its 50 plus!!!
Always there to add to ur confusion!!!!!!
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