What should I buy Denon 1908 or Marantz 5002


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Sep 19, 2008

I am a new member in hifivision.com and this is my first post. I heard a lot about this website through my friends. The question I would like to ask is that I am planning to buy an A/V receiver and I am confused in between 2 receivers. Denon 1908 and Marantz 5002. I already have a stereo integrated amp for music. Therefore my priority would be movies and live concerts but at the same time it should play good music. The doubt I have in my mind regarding the Marantz as people generally say that Marantz is not aggressive and it lacks in thump. Could anyone provide me the reviews and facts between these 2. If one has to compare with the above mentioned taste, what would be the better choice?

I appreciate, If someone gives a detailed comparison between Denon 1908 V Marantz 5002.

Thank you,

Hi Govind

I would suggest you compare the Denon 1909 & the Marantz 5003. Both have been launched in global markets and are likely to be launched here October/November.
Reviews for the Denon 1909 have been very good. You could check the What Hi-Fi review here Denon-1909. Considering the fact that WHF is normally "Onkyo friendly", this review says a lot about the Denon.
The Marantz 5003 is newer and fewer reviews are available. But the brand speaks for itself. IMHO the Marantz is not "soft" for movies by any means, but that's down to personal opinion I guess. In terms of features, both are on par give or take a few and are future proof to a fair extent capable of handling both THD & HD MA formats . Prices are comparable (~ 45-50k I think). I would say give both a listen and make your choice.

BTW, what speakers are you planning to drive with either of them? Cheers!
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