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What to buy? Onkyo / Yamaha / Pioneer+Polk?

Home Theatre Systems


New Member
Jul 17, 2011

I need to make a HT decision this week. The projector decision is already made (Epson TW5200). Please note that the room size is 20x14ft.

I've been scouting for an AVR + 5.1 speaker package. These are the options I have so far (in ascending order of price):

1. Yamaha from Reliance Digital (Rs.48k)
- HTR 3067 AVR
- NS 8390 Front tower speakers
- NS p150 Surround speakers & centre-channel

Questions: Tested this in Reliance Digital in Phoenix Mall in Blr. The store had other music playing elsewhere and it was the worst environment to test the speakers. How good are these speakers? It does appear to be the best vfm package.

2. Pioneer + Polk from ProFX (Rs.56k)
- Pioneer VSX 524 AVR
- Polk RM6750 series speakers

Questions: Sounded good in ProFX. Are these bookshelf speakers good enough for a 20x14ft room?

3. Onkyo (Rs.65k) from Onkyo in Forum Value Mall
- Onkyo TxSR 333 AVR
- Onkyo 4700 series speakers

Questions: Sounded good, although in a 8x6ft space. Does this combo justify the extra money over the Yamaha? I'm considering these because I presume the floor standing speakers will lend extra "depth" to the sound (especially when compared to the Polk 6750 series)

Will be watching movies/TV 95% of the time on this set-up. May add an LP player later.

Please send me your comments, suggestions & experiences. I intend to make a decision by the end of this week.