Where can I get Onkyo 5100 for 30 K


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Dec 11, 2009
I am also leaning towards Onkyo 5100. Can u please tell where I can get it for 30 K because chennai onkyo dealer itself giving it for 40 k..

I would like to know whether HK - JBL combination is more powerful than Onkyo 5100

If yes, let me know in wat way...

I would like to know why onkyo speakers have less sensitivity..

They never cross 85 DB..

Yamaha on the other hand never put speakers below 80 DB.(Some models may have).. Only this onkyo 5100 has sensitivity of 35HZ-50KHZ with 84 or 85 DB which ig good for listening music with great sound , crisp and depth in bass and treble)... Yamaha bells good but I did not know about the Bass some says it is depth. But compare to onkyo there is no depth and punch in it.... Depth in the sense I meant deep bass but should have the crisp.. Not boomy or muddy kind of sound, To my ears it seems to be flat .(Punch will be there but not the depth)

Even onkyo's floor standing speakers HT728 does not have enough power even though they have 6 hms but very less DB of 79.5
International standards for a good speaker should have a sensitivity above 85 decibel mark. An increase of 3 db from this should have an increase of 50w power in an amplifier.

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