Which Amplifier/AVR? Pure Acoustics Supernova 5F speakers

Doctor G

New Member
Jan 13, 2018
Goa, India
Friends, I'd request advise on which AVR/Amplifier to buy (or even which criteria to look for) to drive my Pure Acoustics Supernova 5 Series, 5.1 set of speakers.
The floor-standing speakers have a 220W output with an impedance of 8 Ohms [Specifications for these speakers are listed at these links Floor Standing Speakers, Center Speaker, Bookshelf Speakers and Sub-Woofer]
1) Audio Preference: I will use them primarily for music
2) Budget: I am told that I will need to spend between Rs 50,000 to 100,000. Obviously, the lower the better
3) Room Size: Roughly 15 feet (Width) x 20 feet (Length) x 10 feet (Height)
4) Existing Components: Just the Supernova speakers. I am currently using a Denon 1612 AVR which is clearly under-powered and cannot drive the floor-standing speakers to their capability
5) Used: I am open to a used system, though would prefer new
My key criteria is power as I'd like to be able to drive the speakers to their near-peak capacity. Norge (even though they are two-channel) would be my preferred brand, but their most powerful amp I believe is the Norge 1000 Gold which is not powerful enough.
My house is about hundred metres from the sea in Goa (where the humidity across the year wreaks havoc with electronics) and I rarely use air-conditioning even though our house has it. Therefore, a brand that has a service centre in Goa would be preferred.
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