Which is best?

If you use it as a transport and use the DAC's on your pre it would sound identical since everything would be digital.

When you use RCA's to hook up, DAC's in the player come into play which would yield subtle audio quality differences between brands.
I coundn understand what u ve siad.. Pls explain ...

Music on a CD is stored as digital data. For you to hear it, there are number of steps involved.

Step 1. First is playing the source. This is done by a CD player or a universal DVD player that can also play an audio CD.

Step 2. The output from the player will usually be in digital form. To make this into something that we can hear, the digital data stream is converted into analogue. This step is called Digital to Analogue conversion or DAC, in short.

Good CD players have in-built DAC circuitry and send the analogue output as left and right channel music to what are called RCA connectors at the back of the player. This output is in analogue form.

CD and DVD players can also send the signal out in it's original form. In this case, the digital to analogue conversion has to be done by an external DAC processor.

Step 3. The analogue output from the CD player will be very weak electrical signal in the range of 250 millivolts or 250 millionth of a volt. Nothing can be done with this signal. So, a pre-amplifier takes in this signal, amplifies it a bit to something line 2 volts. The preamplifier provides voltage gain but no significant current gain.

Preamplifier also incorporate equalization, tone control, and volume control.

Step 4. A power amplifier takes the output from the pre amplifier and amplifies it to what is termed as line-level (about 30 volts) that are fed to the speakers. The power amplifier provides the higher current necessary to drive loudspeakers. The speakers convert these electrical signals to sound for you.

Pre and power amplifiers can be separate units or housed in one box when it is called a Integrated Amplifier.

What AudioDelic was trying to tell you is the following:.

A CD Player has to play only a two channel digital signal, convert it to analogue and feed it to a pre-amplifier. The circuitry inside the CD player is thus optimised for two channel music. A good CD player also has a good DAC circuitry to convert the digital signals to analogue.

A universal DVD player, on the other hand, always have two circuitry. One for playing of two or more channels of audio, and another for video. A DVD player is made for watching movies, and is optimised for video. An external AV Receiver is expected to decode and play the audio well. Most DVD players would compromise on the two channel music and its associated circuitry include DAC to keep costs low.

Thus the general belief is that a good CD player would always provide superior sound. At the same time, since better DVD players can also output good digital signals, such a player hooked to a good external DAC optimised for two channels would also provide quality music.

Please read the following links

1. http://www.hifivision.com/dvd-playe...1483-questions-universal-dvd-player-more.html to understand an Universal Player.

2. http://www.hifivision.com/mp3-mp4-wma-players-accessories/1508-wadia-itransport.html to under what a DAC is.
DAC!! I ahve an entry level av receiver Yamaha RX-661. Does it have a good DAC? If so could I connect RCA out from av receiver to a stereo power/integrated amp to get good sound from regular audio CD using a universal DVD palyer?
DAC!! I ahve an entry level av receiver Yamaha RX-661. Does it have a good DAC? If so could I connect RCA out from av receiver to a stereo power/integrated amp to get good sound from regular audio CD using a universal DVD palyer?

Strictly speaking you could, using what is called the pre-out on your AVR. But, you don't have to do that.

You don't have to connect the RX-661 to another amplifier. Your Yamaha AVR receiver itself is an integrated amp. It has decent specifications and is not a entry level AV Receiver at all.

Just connect your universal DVD player to your RX-661 through either the co-axial or optical digital cable. Set you RX-661 on 'Pure Direct' for high quality stereo sound and enjoy your music.

The RX-661 has Burr-Brown 192kHz/24-bit DACs and will provide very decent sound for your CD music.

You already have all the equipment you need. I am assuming you already have a DVD player.

Thank you venkatcr,

I am going to arrange an OPPO (from US).
But I'm still confused with Front speakers.
Short list consists AM Silver 6, Wharfedale Diamond 9.6, Kipsch RF_82.
Out of these Klipsch has high sensitivity . What makes this much difference in sensitivity between various brands? Higher sensitivity will reduce tonal quality?

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1. Be sure that you arrange the latest Oppo Dvd Player viz 983 HD-Its perfect in video reproduction-even its 2 channel Audio output is better than the predecessors.
2.There is no correlation between a speakers sensitivity & its Tonal quality, whether direct or inverse.
Tonal quality is a design/good implementation thereof aspect; it depends on the skill of the designer & how well it is implemented when it comes to actual manufacturing.
Sensitivity of a speaker broadly speaking, determines what kind of power is reqd to drive it well-higher the sensitivity, less powerful your Amp can be.
3.The sound of a speaker is a matter of personal choice, your budget & also the kind of music you intend to play.
So, please audition the speakers yourself, using music that you are familiar with- if poss, use the same Amp/source that you possess.
A beautiful, well-constructed speaker with class-leading soundstage, imaging and bass that is fast, deep, and precise.