Which power amp for my Lavry DA11 DAC ?


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Sep 26, 2009
I have got a Lavry DA11 DAC. Its a very decent DAC and provides a pre out.

I am planning to add a power amp directly to its output. Allows me to spend more on a better quality poweramp, rather than go for lower pre+power or integrated options.

Frontend is Dynaudio Focus 220 MKII speakers. These can use a lot of power/current on the tap.

Any suggestions on the amps? Budget is flexible...around the cost of speakers.

Currently my main choice is Plinius P10, but considering all other options.
What is the kind of music you listen to?
What else have you heard before considring the plinius?
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60/70 rock, electronica, jazz

Have currently got a Rotel power amp and have also heard a Bel Canto. Didnt like either. I prefer a warmer sound.

Cant go for tube amplification as they cant drive my Dynaudios too well.
I've heard tube & dynaudio combo's & i don't think that tubes can't drive dynas.

Though i've not heard the myself , but as per suggestions of a few of friends,
You should give ayre or VTL power amps an audition.
On a lower budget you can think of arcam or B&k components but they will not be warm & sweet as the plinius. But much better than the rotel.
Have tried the plinius on your set up? What are you impressions, if you have?
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dunno much about power amps
but thats a nice DAC

is quad in your budget
With dynaudios, I'd either suggest Plinius or if you wish to spend more - Symphonic Line. The latter matches beautifully with Dyns. I've had many a great evening listening to Contour SEs with a Symphonic Line RG1.

You'd want to upgrade to a dedicated preamp later. Most DAC pres are an afterthought and aren't really worth using. I'm not sure of the Lavry though. But still it'd not be a patch to a high quality standalone pre.
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