Why are all AV products so costly in India???

Luke Yang

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Feb 25, 2009
Hello Guys,

I am Luke Yang, am from South Korea. I have been staying in India since 2005. Nowadays I am planning to install home theater in my house.

But all the products are much higher than Korea. First I am searching receiver and projector from Korean Web site then try to find shop which provide products in India. But many shops have only few model and they charge almost double.

For instance, DLP Projector Benq 612C, it's 40500 inclusive tax. But it's only 20000 in Korea.

Also, I went to Burma Bazzar for searching AV Receiver. I found YAMAHA XR-V630 and 430 second hand one. They told first one is 13K, second one is 10K.
In Korea, second hand 630 is 6~7k, 430 is 4~5K.

Of course, now I am in Bangalore, India. But I know the correct price so I can't buy them with their price.

What should I do?

I want to make my own theater. T.T

Please tell me the place where I can get good and cheap product in Bangalore or Chennai.

Here is my room theater. But it's so dark that's why I wanna upgrade.

???? ???? ????

Regards guys,
high taxes, lower sales volumes, less number of organized retailers into the trade, no internet sellers like amazon.

Good to have someone from Korea coming to this forum. Nice meeting you. Hope you are having a wonderful time in India.

To anm's list I would also add transportation costs and also very high profit margins.

But then again Luke, you would not complain about the price of a cup of coffee or tea when you visited EU or US would you. It comes with the territory as the saying goes. So, look for good deals or source one from your country and you may even get a tax/customs break for not being a citizen. Some options to try out.
one big reason prices are high(er) in INdia is because of the lower volumes. The retailers (atleast the kosher ones) have to amortize their cost of selling and after-sales service amongst a smaller number of people which adds to the base cost of the equipment.
atleast this is what I believe. perhaps the sellers here can confirm or deny this.
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