Why rant when you can rave

I men an audio enthu 6-7 years back ,he told me "Instd of music , I started listening noice .....and started finding imperfection in recordin and equipment ..I thought it is time to move away from this "audiphile" hobby and start enjoying music!!:rolleyes::rolleyes:

How true!!

Anyway many audio enthus do not have decent collection of music or movies ....they are always in demo mode as listening or giving "demoes" on their limited software!!!

Also my other thought is see if your dream system supports your gener..If i like classic rock with slight dose of extra bass Tubes and Single driver speakers are no use to me right???
Ditto about video - find first your budget and needs and slowly build the system ..IMHO ,and start enjoying the movies and one day you'll discover the perfect system!
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