Wireless 5.1 speaker set up?


New Member
Dec 7, 2009
Hi All,

I just joined the forum today and am looking for information on wireless 5.1 speaker set up.
I recently bought Samsung LED TV and am going to buy the PS3 slim in a few days. I will be using the PS3 to play movies as well and am now looking for a good 5.1 speaker set up to complete the whole package.

I am only interested in wireless speakers as my living room does not have a bid enough carpet to hide all the wires.

Can anyone suggest some good 5.1 speakers (wireless) that will go well with my set up.

Some more information:

1. I will not be playing music or any other audio at a very loud volume.
2. Clarity and sharpness of sound is more important than the volume.
3. I will be watching HD content, Blu ray etc (don't know if this should make a difference in deciding which speakers to purchase)

Thanks in advance for all the help and happy to be here :)
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