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Wiring of Wharfs 9.5

Wharfedale Speakers


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Dec 2, 2010

I know this may sound very absurd to many or some may call me innovator of the year but i have a query for which i need a solution. may be a weird question or maybe someone else may have similar question in mind. :D

my FS are attached to my 2.1 channel amp. the amp is connected to : Turntable, an aux out and to my media player.
my HT setup is connected to: aux, media player and tv.

now my query here is, can i connect my FS to my HT, simulatenously along with the AVR & the AMP. i am not saying that i would be using the both avr and amp at the same time but this would solve me the hassle of changing wires each time i want to use the speakers for movies. this would be give me the option of using the speakers for both music and movies.

explained below in the image....

would request an urgent help on this or alternate suggestions.

thanks all :signthankspin:
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Oct 27, 2007

The short answer is yes, you can do that. The caveat is that it is risky because if you ever forget to shut off one device (amp/AVR) or have high volume set on both and play them by mistake together, there is a good chance that your speakers will be damaged. If you are the careful type, then this solution works.

Another solution is to connect the preouts of your AVR (if it has them) to the inputs of your amp and use AVR+Amp while playing movies, and Amp only while playing music.

The third is to use a selectable input switch (search forums for VenkatCR's posts on this).