World Class Portable DAC AMPs at Goldfinch Acoustics India

Jul 1, 2020
Graham Slee Bitzie

Musical DAC, Powerful AMP, USB to Coaxial Converter

Use Bitzie as a Powerful Headamp or Pre amplifier. With a built in high quality DAC the bitzie easily connects to the Mac, Windows , iOS or Android phone. The bitzie is also a high quality USB to Coaxial converter. Use the Bitzie with Powerwire to power it using your charge bank for never-ending fun.

HeadAmp Pico

Small and powerful, 30 hours of play time, Gain Switch

The HeadAmp Pico is probably the best portable amp ever made, provides amazing clarity when paired with medium to low impedance Headphones and IEMs. The gain Switch allows the use of pico in low gain for sensitive IEMs. The built in rechargeable battery provides 30 hours of play time

Dethonray Honey H1:

Balanced AMP, Built-in DAC, Rechargeable

The Honey H1 might look small however the 6vrms output on balanced mode can drive the most difficult to drive Headphones. It can also be used as a dedicated DAC for your desktop or Stereo system, this is a portable dac sensibly priced that can challenge Desktop DAC / AMP twice the price.

Graham Slee Voyager

Rugged, Powerful, Flexible power supply

The voyager offers selectable tone control which allows the user to select between “Straight" - For pure audiophile quality reproduction and “Contour” for some added kick when you are in mood for it

This Headphone amplifier is Compact and rugged it can travel with you on tough terrains, it delivers Big sound one usually related to desktop amplifiers, what more the Voyager can be power by regular 9 volt use and throw battery or the Computer USB. With the 9v battery it can play for 50 hours when you runout of power just swap the cell.
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