Xgimi Horizon Pro / Horizon - Auto Keystone Feature


Dec 19, 2008
Friends, has anyone in this forum actually tried or seen the auto keystone and screen size correction/fitment done by the Horizon Pro/Horizon projectors in real time? In the sense how realistic is it and is it wise to depend on this feature for placing the projector somewhere along the sides (not in front of the screen as we normally do).

(YouTube review videos present a very good feedback)

The reason I am asking this question is because this projector has a throw that is neither long nor ultra short and forces one to place the projector somewhere in the middle of the room between where we are seated and the screen :(

From the projector central website-
XGIMI’s industry-leading automatic keystone correction technology aligns HORIZON Pro’s 4K picture vertically and horizontally to custom fit your walls or screen to a perfect aspect ratio. Use the manual keystone to further customize your screen for up to 45 degrees lateral projection

Secondly is it advisable to get this from the US for use in India - would the service, warranty etc. be available ? (A friend has agreed to buy it and bring it when he is coming to India in Jan-22)

Overall it seems to be a fantastic gadget but for this odd thing about the throw ratio. A related feedback is that the sound would not come from the "right direction" if one were to place it along the sides (and not directly in front of the screen)

Any comments, suggestions welcome

Perfect for audiophiles wanting both excellent music quality and flexible operation.