Xindak XA8250 Preamplifier


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Nov 9, 2019
Hello Everybody, even though I am into stereo and HT for several years now, I was not part of any forum. Don't know why exactly, but now I have decided I should. In the past few days, I read some posts here and I am glad I joined.
Anyway, I wanted to share some details on my setup and get some opinion on the preamp that I invested in a few days back. My stereo setup includes Parasound Halo power amp, Chord Qutest DAC, the new Xindak XA8250 preamp (bought it recently, upgraded the old NAD) and Monitor Audio Gold Towers. My audio source - Cambridge Audio CXC CD player and CXN network streamer.
Overall I am very happy with the preamp. I couldn't demo it in my setup but I loved it when I heard it. It was hooked to a McIntosh power and Sonus towers.
The sound is very clean and natural, exactly how I like it. There is no distortion even when I crank up the volume. Beautiful sound. However, there is one thing that is playing in my mind and I would like to know what you all think.
When you play jazz, in most of the songs you hear that faint (the very faint ones) sound of the cymbal playing in the background. I feel in my system it is fainter than it should be. I have tried a few tracks by swapping the preamp (I still have the old NAD pre) and I felt that that sound gets a liiiiiiiittle brighter (I am 73.5% sure lol).
Does anyone own this pre and faced a similar situation? Some might think it is immaterial but you know how Sheldon(y) audiophiles are :)
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