Y-Cables good or bad?


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Sep 23, 2008
Hi folks

My new proposed preamp has only one RCA out. Can I use a Y-Cable to add a sub-woofer or is adding a separate RCA out to the pre recommended?

What are the merits of using Y-Cable over preamp<>Sub<>Power path?
Will Y cable affect SQ negatively more than the latter?

I am thinking having the shortest direct path from preamp<>power with separate RCA out is best but this will require a additional output stage+tube in my pre correct? Or can I simply solder one more cable internally leading to the extra RCA out to make the "Y" internal to the preamp?

Edit: I want to send full signal to my full range speakers and use the sub filter to block high-frequencies to it. Is making a parallel connection from power-amp speaker L/R terminals to sub+speakers a good idea? Will it reduce impedance or cause a degraded sound? If not this will be the easiest requiring no mods to the preamp. Is this solution only feasible for passive subs?

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