Yamaha ns1000m


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Dec 8, 2008
I have no experience with these but then isn't it kinda late to get opinions re: them when they are already on the way!! Best is to try and see if you like them.

Hai any body using these speakers intheir system?if s then whats your openion.i am getting them in a two/three days from US.
any suggestins are heartly welcome.
Although I havent heard them, I have friend who runs a post production studio and raves about these as being legendary studio speakers. Apparently they are utterly unforgiving. What electronics are you planning to run these with?
Are not these the same speakers which Doc saab in delhi has?
Whoever visited his home will be able to tell better

You are indeed one lucky guy but as jai said these are really unforgiving speakers so you need to pair other equipment very carefully
thanks my dear friends for your reply,
i want to use them with my YAMAHA MX1000U(Power amplifier 260x2 watts with 0.003% THD along with CX1000U(Preamplifier).
yes, i heard these are brutally revealing the nounces in the music with their berillium mid and berillium tweater.but i want to check how brutal they are.

You should thank the person getting it for you from USA as they are quiet heavy :)
yes, finally they arrived in a very good condition. unpacking and making a suitable stands all finished and critical listening was started.
bowled.amazing. I Dont know this berilium mid andtweeter is so much unforgiving.ultimate experience. before i used KENWOOD LS707M Floor standers/dali concept6/B&W DM320/Polk audio -6/jamo-C407/Wharfedale diamond 9.6- all these are floor standers with twin bass drivers(except polk).
now i know how a single12" woofer works in a sealed enclosure. outstanding clarity, resolution and very tight and precise bass.only B&W320 comes nearer but lagging behind the resolution, and transit area.i heard from audio review about these greatness and finally i am accepting their words.
if any body have a chance to get them, dont loose any chance.
i will up date later.

Congratulations again. let me know when (and if) you tire of them :licklips: I won't lose that chance.

On a slightly more sobering note; you need to take care of the Berilium mids/ tweeters, AFAIK Yamaha stopped making them so replacements will not be easy.

Love your amp as well.. and that's a very interesting "jugaad" rack..

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As i decided to keep them for my life,I immediatly starts purchasing spares for them through Ebay.i purchased one pair of crossovers($200),one spare woofer from YAMAHA-USA($300),and ordered one midrange from uk(for $200).from this you can understand how excellent they are.

i would hate to intrude - but i think you are making a mistake!

enjoy them for what you got them for -

spending more on them is like buying a 1958 mercedes and then spending a fortune on getting spare parts, in the hope of competing against a 2008 toyota-

will not work - technology evolves -

hope i am not abrasive - but i wish you will see the message and not spend too much money!
Wonderful speakers you have and good Pre and Power as well. but as Suri said dont spend too much on them, you may get a chance to buy even excellent speakers then these at very good price. At That point of time remember that there is a guy called tharun waiting to take these speakers :eek:hyeah:
I agree with Suri over here
Use it carefully and use it till it lasts. Its not that they are bound to get spoiled. If you take good care nothing as such will happen specially because they are so well made.
The spares you have started purchasing may get bad lying around, then all your money goes down the drain

congrats for those beasts....must be beating the hell of your neighbors....btw..bro, don't you think that the wooden plank is bending in middle? or is it just my eyes? I guess its the CD player taking the weight of TV...

Also..put something..books brick anything to support the plank in the middle...I am too paranoid you know...I am sure the new rack would give a classic look like your speakers....have fun
hi all, my father recently gave me his old yamaha ns complete stereo system including a set of ns-1000m. i am planning on using them in my home music studio. the amp that is paired with it has a lot of static upon turning the volume control and the power amp doesnt produce any sound on the right channel. i have decided to try and replace them until i can find a worthy service technician. i am not very well versed as far as stereo equipment goes and i am looking for advice as to what would be best for the speakers. i am also wondering if these speakers would work with a live pa powered mixer and a power amp as i am ultimately planning on integrating these into a live music and recording rack with a variety of signal processors. any and all advice is greatly appreciated and i thank you all in advance.
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