Yamaha YHT-2910


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Dec 7, 2014
Hi new here, only recently got my Yamaha YHT-2910 Home Theater Setup, which comes with a HTR-3067 AV Receiver. I've got it connected up as:
PS4 ==(HMDI)>> TV (Sony Bravia 2014 World Cup Model) ==(Optical)>>Receiver.
My question is about utilizing the HDMI inputs on the back the receiver, I would like to plug the PS4 into the Receiver directly but I'm not quite sure if that's the best option for me.
Ideally this is what I want mainly due to some convenience in using the Yamaha remote to control the PS4 but I don't want to introduce any input lag into my gaming. Anyone recommend the best set up for me?
The best way to plug is
PS4 >>>(HDMI out to)>>> Yamaha Receiver Input >>>(HDMI out to)>>> Sony TV.

You can use multiple devices in this way. You can't use Yamaha remote to control other devices. You can try universal remote for all devices.
Should I use the optical cable combined with the HDMI or simply just the HDMI?

And are you sure with the Yamaha remote, cause PS4 has the HDMI Device Link which allows my TV remote to control my PS4. Simple assumed this would also work with my Yamaha as well.
Their is no use if you are using HDMI which also carry digital audio with video.
(FYI when HDMI was introduced - after analog AVRs - then we used Optical cable for audio signal because HDMI was carrying video only).

Your Yamaha remote may work but chances are less you can try it. As your TV and PS4 are from SONY it is working, even it will work on Sony Blu-ray player (that's why they give Forward, Rewind, Play, Pause etc. buttons on TV remote).
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