24fps judder on plex


New Member
Dec 11, 2021
I have a problem on my Bravia Smart TV 75 XH9005 or X900H in the US. I bought this recently and have discovered that with Plex the tv is not able to remove judder with 24fps content, this seems to only be the case with 21:9 1080p cinemascope or ultrawide content. With 16:9 content, the stutter/judder is removed smoothly. Also 4K content in any form is unaffected. If I change The Aspect Ratio in Plex the Judder disappears instantly as soon as the aspect ratio changes to 16:9.

Any and all motion flow settings and film mode settings on the TV make no difference with 1080p 21:9 content. Also if I let the same app run via my google TV Chromecast the judder is nonexistent. Nevertheless. It seems strange that Motionflow and Film mode (pulldown and frame interpolation) should not work on the Plex App with CinemaScope Movies. Netflix, or any other video Apps like Kodi or VLC have none of these issues. It is only happening with 21:9 24fps content on plex

I have already reset the TV and reinstalled the Plex App, and there is absolutely no difference. this seems to be a software bug on the TV or within the Plex App. And yes I am running the latest software versions on the TV an with the Plex Player and my Plex Server.
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