32" LCDs - need recommendations


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Aug 18, 2007
Dear All,
With bangalore's now famous traffic jams, it becomes a nightmare to venture out and visit multiple shops.
I will genuinely be grateful for people who can help me in choosing a 32" TV (I am price conscious, but can stretch upto 40k if there is a powerful value to the extra price)
I have been web surfing for a past few days and am totally at loss and confused on what to buy.
viewing: Wife is a home maker and she keeps it on for most of the day mostly tata sky stuff- no sports and music channels.. it is mostly news and discovery and kids and movie channels (so plasmas are ruled out as they consume enormous power).
My kid has a huge collection of cartoon DVDs (2D stuff and not 3D)
We do have a 1080p projector which i need to yet hook up and will be used for weekend movie binge (so my TV will not be used for hidef movies)

I would certainly want it to be HDMI (preferably v1.3 compliant) and should have provision for greyscale and color calibration (Advanced color maagement settings- I have a DVE-HD calibration disk on blu ray).
Sound again is not a major criteria as I will be having a AVR/speaker system

Would be great if you can recommend me a 32 inch lcd approx price(ar actuals would be great) and where to find the deal in bangalore, along with a one liner on why that TV is better. (if you provide me a decent model)
I am based in bangalore and would prefer buying from any store where i can drive to (approx 100kms radius from bangalore)

Warm regards
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