5100 @ 30k and yht 365 @ 28k - Which is better?

Please go thru some of the relevant threads in HTiB section and come back with specific queries.

Not read anything on 365 on last 10 posts. Thanks!

Probably I didnt make myself clear on the intent of the post...

Here it is,

I am looking to buy HTiB.. earlier choice was yht 195 (23.5k) and onkyo 3200 (25k). Given the fact that I didnt like 195 sound and ppl advising not to buy passive sub of 3200. I saw these offers in croma where yht 365 and onkyo 5100 were priced attractively.

Want to seek feedback on feature+performance of both systems and suggestion if these 2 make sense to be bought.

Awaiting precious feedback. Thanks for reading this.

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