A little help on EAC


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Jul 1, 2008
I am using EAC extensively for the last few weeks ripping all my CDs (some 600 of them and counting). EAC is slow, and it takes a lot of time per CD, but I don't mind, as the quality of the output is phenomenal.

I need a bit of help with EAC. If you see EAC, there is a list of buttons on the left most part of the screen. These buttons designate the kind of extraction and compression you want to use. For example, in the screen below you can see MP3 as one of the options.

Is there a way to add more buttons? For example, if I want to create a FLAC file, I current have to go to Setup, change the settings, and then operate. Can I have both FLAC, MP3 as the extraction options in the button area?

And what does '10 chars' mean? I am sorry but I don't understand that phrase or expression.

Don't think there''s a way to do it without hacking the code itself.

10 chars or similar is a way to get around the minimum number of characters limit in forum posts.

You can workaround this with a FLAC frontend tool. You can check options at FLAC - download and I personally use AutoFLAC | LegRoom.net. AutoFLAC in fact runs on EAC itself.

Just load AutoFLAC and start ripping. It will use whatever options are set in EAC itself and will itself startup EAC too.
Thanks Moser and TheVortex. Both options look attractive. I shall experiment and decide which one to use.

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