A Remote for HTPC: what are the options?


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Oct 17, 2008
I am considering adding a HTPC to my hi-fi setup.

I plan to sit 10ft from the PC/Hi-fi on a sofa and control the htpc.
So the htpc will sit like a amp next to it.
I know most HTPCs come with wireless keyboard and mouse , but is there better option :-

like hand-held remote
hand held tablet or touchscreen

this is to navigate only the PC/WindowsiVista.

I am curious as well. A remote could be a boon to HTPC users. Lets see if someone has knowledge of the same.

I believe you get remote and receivers for HTPCs. You can also just get the receiver and use a logitech harmony. I know some of the logitech harmonies have buttons for htpc use. Not sure if all of them support HTPC or not, and upto what extent. Should be ok as there database is same irrespective of the remote model.
If you can do some research on this option, please do share the results with us.:)
I saw plenty of htpc remotes being sold on US ebay from 10-15$ onwards. looked decent too, atleast from the images.
A basic, cheap option :=

Techenclave : PC remote

Cant comment anything about functionality.
Cost 780/-

I am considering adding a HTPC to my hi-fi setup.

Since you are planning to build a new system, why dont you go with this ?
Tech2.com India > Asus Launches Mobos For HTPCs > News on Motherboards PCs & Laptops

The board uses a separate power system for the audio components to keep noise to a minimum - so theoretically it should have better audio quality.

But from the article, it seems that the remote is customized to work with the Asus Theater Gate media center - dont know how well it will work with regular Windows MC
HTPC case comes with remote.I have slower opt,I can use AVERTV remote for controling files/folders,like mouse.
This is what i found on the net while searching ..
:: VLSystem

Seems its for around 40$.

And their support apps are :
RealPlayer, iTunes, QuickTime Player, Winamp, Media Player, KMPlayer, JetAudio, Gom Player, MediaPortal, BSplayer, FusionHDTV, GBPVR, PCM3, SigmaTV, myHTPC, Home Theater, WinDVD5, WinDVD6, WinDVD7.

Sorry, no Foobar :(

Lets wait for more inputs.
Thanks Spidey and silverheart.

Has anyone tried the IR receiver with softwares like girder and eventghost?

Are you planning to install wi fi.
And you have any phone with wifi and Symbian series 60 or windows phone of wi-fi?
Cause I heard presence of softwares - some of them free where you can use your cell as remote to ur pc...
You need to "drill down" google for that.
Someone told me that you can see representation of desktop and control anything

Let me try to find it out

one link is
VIDEO: Transform Your Phone Into WiFi Remote Control

Anyhow if you/anyone find something in this direction especially free software please post here..
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