Active n Passive Sub


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May 9, 2007

I am based in faridabad and planning to buy a HTiB system. I have a budget of 30K and have zeroed in on onkyo 590, yamaha and sony ddw800 system.

Onkyo has 140W RMS passive sub and yamaha & Sony hv active sub. Sony and Onkyo retail at 30K (after discount). I have read that onkyo is better in clarity than sony however the 570 model has now been discountinued which had an active sub. The new 590 has 40 W more power but is a passive sub with other spec almost the same.

I want to know more abt yamaha htb and its dealer detail in delhi so that i can decide the best of the lot.

If anyone can shed his/her valuable inputs?

Thanks in advance,
I would definately recommend you to go for the HTIB system that provides a active sub!

Without doubt the active sub would perform much better in a HTIB setup.
Listen to all the systems before buying.

The Sony DDW880 has HDMI which is a big plus (for the future). Do the others have it as well?

Has anyone an idea as to how good these are for music?
Definetely an active sub. I have forgotten the name of the dealership but there is a yamaha dealership in lajpat which carried the entire range of subs when i went last. ill get back to you with a name

Considered Boston acoustics...there is a dealer in west delhi somewhere which carries 4-5 models .150-500 RMS. THe entry level one is around 14k-15k and has a 8 inch driver.

The most effective low priced sub I have seen were from Jamo and Polk Audio. They are not too difficult to find in Delhi/NCR region.
put aside some decent money for a quality *active* sub, definitely worth & give decent rumble to your cinema room
A beautiful, well-constructed speaker with class-leading soundstage, imaging and bass that is fast, deep, and precise.