Advance Acoustic MCD203 CD Player - opinions?


Feb 21, 2007

Wondering if anyone has auditioned the subject player at length, if so I would love to hear your impressions. Great also if someone could point me to reviews, there don't seem to be any (in English at any rate!)

Any other CD players in a similar price range (30-40 K) that I should consider? My preference is for an 'analogue' sound rather than overly analytical.


I recently auditioned AA MCD203 player. One single word: Awesome! But Wait !!!!!!!!! I am not talking about the performance but sheer beauty of this product. Looks, aesthetics, casing, front panel, back panel and that Remote everything so perfectly engineered that you will fall in love of this creature, love at first sight! If there is a 'WAF' contest, this Chinese made CDP with a French label will win, a clean sweep indeed! Its looks alone would make you a proud owner. The overall built quality of the player is excellent and it seems to be very solid. It is quite heavy too for a CD player.

This is Tubed CDP so sound is always warm, bright and forward playing.

This CDP lacks dynamics, the attacks of double bass are not clear, the percussions do not sound the way it should. The voices were flattened, less natural. I missed the extended, ringing harmonics of the piano and stringed instruments. Bass is without any body and accuracy. Overall this CDP disappointed me a lot in the performance department.

The piece I got for an audition, failed many times during that hour long audition. It skipped several times for no reasons, for couple of occasions it froze, then came abrupt Resets and what not. And most of the time I had to resort to the old time tested trick of Power it Off and then Power On. It worked that way but that was enough to shake my confidence in using this product. It could be that particular piece only, so I am not making any categorical statement here about its reliability but given the nature of After Sales Support available in India, I decided to conclude the audition half way down. Every body at my home including my cat (Mr Balwant Rai) liked the stunning looks of this product and I really wanted this product to work but problems mentioned above came in such an alarming succession that I quickly lost interest in the product.

Hope this helps. Will post a more detailed review later.

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