Advice for HiFi audio system with Dirac and Purifi amp


Sep 11, 2009
Navi Mumbai

I'm a newbie, no much experience with HiFi.
Been thinking of building a HiFi audio system since sometime now.
Based on what I have read and watched, I have came up with following approach

I listen to digial music - mainly from files (flac and mp3) on my PC.
I do have Tidal subscription, but not decided if I will continue after 4 months promotional period.

Source - miniDSP SHD Studio
  • I have mainly selected this for Dirac Live.
  • Use it's volume control
  • Use with PC
  • Use Volumino player to play music from local share
  • Use its crossover filters for speakers and subwoofer

DAC 1 - Denafrips Ares 2
  • Coaxially connect to miniDSP SHD Studio (coax 1)
  • Pure DAC - Selected for its high SQ capabilities
  • Would connect to stereo speakers

DAC 2 - Topping E30
  • A second DAC is required for subwoofer - E30 seems good for it's price
  • Coaxially connect to miniDSP SHD Studio (coax 2)
  • Would connect to subwoofer

Power Amp - NAD C298
  • Based on purifi eigentakt amplifier
  • Well regarded even though it's class D
  • High power, highly efficient

Speakers - KEF LS50 Meta
  • Well regarded speakers
  • HPF filter will help sending frequency say above 60 Hz

Subwoofer - KEF KC62
  • An obvious match for LS50 Meta
  • LPF filter will help sending frequency say below 60 Hz

Any advice would be helpful - any flaws or issues in this chain?
This would help me shortlist and then audition. Not hurry to buy - will be after 2 months anyways.
I'm currently using PC -> Yamaha A-S500 -> B&W 685 S2.
Wow that's one awesome chain of components. Really very well chosen.

However, if it was me, I would made just 2 changes. I would replace the E30 with something like the FiiO D03K. Subs dont need E30. And for the speakers, I would skip the poweramp/amplifier stage and go straight for Active Monitors. The new Kef active speakers LS50 WIRELESS II would be a great choice. No amp matching, no headroom calculations, etc. Plus the latest version seems to be really...really... good. Pro FX should be able to provide an audition.

Thanks MaSh, the FiiO D03K seems a better option. Much cheaper too and definately seems better suited to this application.
The LS50 WII is tempting, and as you mentioned will take care of the problem of amp matching.
However, I prefer not going the active route. Bit skeptical of having all the tech packed in a box. I feel chances of things going bad are higher after couple of years. Plus, cannot experiment or upgrade.
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