Ae2 or 5021


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Jul 15, 2008
Hi I am confused in between AE2 and AltecLansing MX5021(THX cerified). Many of the people in this site have said that there is some problem with quality of the product send by the site. Is there any other way to buy AE2 other than in Delhi/NCR. Is it worth spending 3k extra for AE2 where 5021 is available at around 7K
According to me.... YES and NO.

AE2s are praised for their quality but are rated at a very low RMS. On the other hand 5021 has 90RMS and THX certified.

So it will depend on the purpose of your speakers like Home entertainment, laptop or small desktop speakers. Though I have auditioned both of them I felt that the AE2s are a little under powered. The sound quality though is good enough but as you may see from the specs that the AE2s couldnt go very low on the bass side. While the 5021 goes much lower with a lot more power.

Considering the price and my taste of more power I would go for the 5021 and had the price been same then maybe i would have a second thought. If ur under a tight budget then i would suggest the 5021 but if you are a true audiophile and doesnt need much power with extra 3k then go with the AE2s.

I have had the pleasure of listening an MX5021 till I moved onto Hifi systems. And I can tell you that very few computer speakers beat them in terms of quality or power.

Recently there have been reports of horribly quailty issues. That would have me worried certainly. Because there is no way that you are going to be able to check the quality before you buy it. The speakers would be completely boxed up.

The AE2 has received very very nice reviews although I am yet to hear one. I guess a lot depends on what genre of music you listen to. If movies are your forte I guess the choice is manifest. The MX5021 with its sub is the choice. If music of the rock type is what you need then the AE2 might be a good choice. But again it is individual - different people prefer different degrees of bass and treble. And bear in mind that what is being described as the bass hump may not pose an issue to you. It is all subjective.

The MX5021 - at least mine (2005) - have very sweet trebles and can sometimes even be called bright. At high volumes they do become shrill. But the monitors do a great job considering their size to performance ratio. I believe somebody here recently got an AE2 and had given very good reviews. Please search and see if you can locate that member.
I have been using 5021 for one year and couldn't find a single critic so far, excellent value for money,you wouldn't find a similar sounding product even at double of the money, I am using it with laptop in my office cabin which is around 160 sqfeet and the way 5021 performs is amazing :)
Go ahead and make best use of your money.
I owned the MX too.. bout 2 years now and yes they sound so good. Regarding the quality of the latest products, there is this model called MX 5021E which is of course cheaper and inferior than the original MX. regarding the sound and other things I dont think i need to mention much...others have done that.

But I havent come across any other speaker which comes close to the MX esp considering the price. Even the much acclaimed Logitech's Z 5500 doesnt compare with it, even though it had much power but sound quality is far better.
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