Amplification for Dynaudio 82 and HT


Sep 27, 2009
Happy New Year Everyone.

I finally have an entire 5.1 set of Dynaudios in place running off a CA 540r AMp. Sound is definately loud enough but possible lacking defination in the lows. Bass sounds a tad bit flappy.

I was told the best possibility would be to use the preouts on the CA and add a power amp for the front 2 speakers.

Looked and heard a few options but nothing has been satisfying so far.

These include Primare....Improved bass but made the speakers way too bright

Bryston 4b. 17 yr old model coming for demo tomorrow. Heard the older ones are better. Any opinions on these? Whats a fair price for such an old piece? Asking 45k

Arcam Diva 350 integrated

Plinius, dont have model number but it is a 2 channel stereo amp. Asking 1.1 lac.

Any opionions/ suggestions?

Will the CA always color the sound a certain way, making it neccesary for me to get a better processor?

The CA is the culprit in your loose bass, and I guess the Dyns need way better amplification than the CA for a better performance. Yes, the Bryston would surely tick some boxes for you, but let's see how you find it.

I would also check NAD, would really gel well, might tick all boxes, but you need to hear it.

All IMO.

Particular dyna is peculiarly known for matching problem. Any how your choice of bryston amp is good. Try with qed speaker cable if you feel them still bright you can switch on chord rumour or higher end speaker which is right match for dyna. Thanks
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