Amplifier for quadral chromium style 8


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Nov 5, 2018
Hi everyone,
I recently bought a pair of quadral chromium style 8 after auditioning about half a dozen pairs of different floorstanders which included dyna m50, revel( forgot the model), ma silver 500, quadral +7 , the revel (cheapest of the bunch) to my surprise best suited my taste as the bass was good and the highs were non fatiguing, didnt have much clarity though. After those the dealer advised me to listen to the quadrals and i was gobsmacked by the top end clarity produced by those ribbon tweeters and instantly fell in love with those and booked a pair. They arrived and to my despair , my cheap basement bargain amps and dac didnt do justice to it. I have already bought the ca Cxn v2 as the streamer now i am looking for a good amp in 2-3 l category can stretch upto a limit but not much.
Qualities i am looking for - warm sounding though the quadrals are not bright sounding but the vocals can become a bit shouty
High current- the quadrals are rated a [email protected] and have aluminium cones
Punchy bass - should have tight bass slam with volume

Current chain - ca cxn v2 —> DAC interconnects —> ca azur 640a —> audioquest rocket 44 —> quadral chromium style 8

Please note that i have also mentioned the cables because i was a non believer and considered it to be snake oil but with speakers as revealing as these, i can instantly tell the difference

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