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Jul 24, 2008
This is what happenes when one doesnt have much work at office... I tried finding cheap premps available in India and stumbled upon Behringer (Germany) PP400 phono preamp. Its not a high end one, however, does the trick.. and affordable as well.
The cost is around Rs 1855/-
#9 Victoria Layout, 1st Cross,
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contact person: Jaysheel Raj (9945698558, 25066805)

These preamps are also available in Mumbai (I got this number from a mumbai dealer)

For more information on the preamp, visit:
LP Gear: MicroPHONO PP400 phono preamp

Pardon my ignorance if the preamp is discussed in some other thread as well
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Hi! I just started posting today,& came across the phono preamp. I am an electronics engineer,recently a friend requested me to design a preamp for his JVC stereo turntable, since his amp. does not have a phono i/p. Since I am a perfectionist(more a bane than a boon) I decided to make a good job of of it.I designed an active (with its own regulated power supply) stereo Phono Amp conforming to the RIAA standards of Equalisation and it cost me about Rs.950/-.Needless to add, it is performing great,& my friend is having a whale of a time checking out (& converting to CDs)all his long forgotten LPs from the attic.

I have seen your replies to two postings.

A good idea would be to give us a general idea of what you have done till now.

(1) What are the pre-amps, amps and other electronics related to audio/video that you have designed and put together till now.

(2) Detailed specifications of the equipment you have manufactured. Saying 'better than commercial ones' is a little vague, and it becomes difficult for us to make a comparison.

(3) Are you doing this on a commercial basis, or as a hobby?

(4) How would you support users outside Hyderabad? What happens when the system breaks down?

(5) Any user references if you have.

I stumbled upon the following page.. noted down the number, gave a call and asked for the dealer in bangalore.. I guess the page has mumbai #.
BEHRINGER : Distributor

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Audio Plus
+91 2226871452 +91 2226871453
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