Any requirement to improve room acoustics?


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Feb 18, 2009
I have a 14.5 ft x 11.5 ft bedroom and I want to put a simple 2.0 stereo system in that room. Let me give an idea of my room.

Speaker rear wall
The speaker rear wall is 14.5 ft wide plastic painted and it has the following:
1) One computer table with a glass covered wall mounted book shelf on top of the computer table
2) One chest of drawer
3) one small telephone rack
4) some empty space for placement of ampli rack
5) Room entrance door
I have plan for putting one 40-42 LCD/Plasma above the chest of drawer in future

Speaker front wall
The speaker front wall (i.e. back wall of the listener) have vinyl wall paper and long drapes of curtain. A very small portion is not covered by curtain in this wall.

Speaker left side wall
The side wall is 11.5 ft wide and has the following:
1) Commercial veneered ply wardrobe
2) Long drapes of curtain

Speaker right side wall
It has the following:
1) Two doors (one to attached bath and other to anteroom)
2) Balance plastic painted wall.

There is no false ceiling and the floor is wood laminated. Other than the above furnitures, I have one double bed and one dressing table. The open floor area is approx. 80 sq ft only.

As my bedroom has bed at the centre and does not have much open floor space, I will go for Bookshelf speakers on stand mount instead of Floor standers. The selections may be from Quad 12L2, Dali Ikon2, EPOS M12i, Dynaudio Audience 52 etc. Shall I require to take any special measures for improving acoustics of my room?
You can read a whole book on room acoustics and believe me you wouldn't be able to measure the sum of all effects the objects in your room and their placement is having.

I would say, just listen to your setup for a few months until you you conclude something is "nasty" about the way it sounds then start worrying about how to tackle it.

Then before you start padding your room make sure its not your A/V rack or speaker stands or placement that need fixing. To be fair, only once all other possible incremental changes are done satisfactorily including IC swaps, then it might be worthwhile adding glasswool/gypsum padded boards etc etc at strategic areas of your room.

What say? ;) :thumbsup:
some suggestions I have read over the period of time/ figment of my own imagination

1. there should be nothing between you and the speakers. A table lying in front of speakers between you can reflect some sound off its top.
2. if you are sitting too close to the wall at your back than the sound reflecting from the wall can interfere with the direct sound. Not sure how exactly can it worsen or may be improve the experience though.
3. if it is a bedroom, you would probably be sitting on a bed, and much away from the bed's edge. In that case, if you use floorstanders, than the sound from lower drivers/ woofers would not reach you directly, but get bounced off the bed. So in bedrooms, I think sufficiently elevated bookshelves should be better than the floorstanders. For lower end, you can add a musical sub, IF for music you think the BS are lacking.

There is one klipsch reference rb 82 bookshelf speaker I lusted to audition - but the onkyo dealers are not interested in arranging a demo in delhi.
2. if you are sitting too close to the wall at your back than the sound reflecting from the wall can interfere with the direct sound. Not sure how exactly can it worsen or may be improve the experience though.

Correct. I tool have my setup in the bedroom and the sound is definitely worse when my head is leaning against the propped up pillow against the wall. The reflected waves from the back wall should not hit your ears before the direct waves.

also after much experimentation, I've found the best listening position to be with the tweeter at solar plexus level not ear level per conventional wisdom atleast with the WF 9.2. I can't change my stand height now and I've to sit up in vajrasan and on upright heels to achieve this which is not something one can do for long. So when you audition try and gauge this before choosing speaker stands - an 18 inch height stand might just be right rather than a 2 foot one.

good quality headphones will beat any two channel system, at least in this department. Unless, some audiophile tells that reflection from walls is actually adding more to the soundstage etc :)
Say what you wish but banging your head against the wall with headphones on is known to improve SQ dramatically :indifferent14:
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