Anyone heard the Rega Apollo


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Jul 27, 2006
I wondering if anyone has heard the new Rega Apollo in India?

I plan to travel overseas soon and intend to check it out. Also can someone suggest or recommend a CD player in the INR 50K range?

Rega Apollo is not available in India as yet. However I heard it during one of my recent overseas trip. Sounded very good indeed with a tight and controlled bottom, mid-range is natural with good depth and image. Highs seemed a liitle bright for my taste. However when I heard this CDP with the Rega Mira 3 it sounded a whole lot better.

If you plan to travel overseas you should get this CDP for around $850-950.
I am in the market for a CD player and would like to audition a Rega Apollo if possible. Any idea where (I am based in Mumbai)?

I have heard the Apollo and it is first rate. Probably the best CD player under $1K. I currently have a Rotel RCD1072 which is a highly regarded budget player, and the Apollo betters it by quite a bit. I auditioned the Apollo alongwith the Naim CD5i ($1800) and there was very little to mchoose between them, the Apollo is that good.
Thanks for the review link. I would still like to audition it first-hand, does anyone know where in Mumbai/India one can do so? Also, is it 'officially' sold in India, would like to be able to take care of warranty issues.

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