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Aug 18, 2008
Hi Everyone,

I would like to have some expert opinion on this Sound Card :


Am planning to get this so that i can use analogue output to my AVR since most of my music testing is done from my computer before i burn it to a Audio CD to be played on my CDP.

As of now I am using the on-board controller for music and is just "ok" to listen.The "Stereo to RCA" cable which i use is from MX.I am planning to get a good quality stereo RCA cable (pref from Monster or MX ), but can also go with something else that is suggested by experts here to be good.

Are there any other sound cards which could be suggested for Analogue output(STEREO). I am not interested in Optical / Coax since my AVR is an old one and does not have both these inputs :D ... and Neither do i have a DAC to help me with the conversion :)

This sound card seems to be good one for stereo sound as well. It has the VIA ENVY24HT chip set and a LINE OUT if i am not wrong

You can also check out M-audio Audiophile 2496. It's a professional sound card mainly for music creation but it should be good at 2 channel playback as well
Hi Rikhav,

Thanks for your input. It is a bit above my budget of 100$ or less, but could still consider it for the features provided in it.

Are you aware from where I can source this card if required ? I am based in Bangalore.

Pro Musicals is a dealer for M-audio and based in Chennai

Here is the website of Pro-musicals
PROMUSICALS - Home - The Digital Audio, Media & Music Store

Also there is one more dealer in Delhi but i guess Pro-musicals will be able to ship you. I have heard good things about the owner Sudhin. I guess Venkat from the forum knows him

The product will be definately worth its price.
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well well well,

I guess i am in luck, coz the next week i am working from chennai and would definitely check this out :)

I also happened to email the dealer in delhi asking for a quote about this product.

Thank you very very much for your prompt response.

Yes, Pro Musicals are the distributors for M-Audio and Samson products. Prashanth if you need some help let me know. I am sure Sudhin will be happy to ship it anywhere in India.

Thank you Venkat and surely would need your help. If you remember, I had PM'ed you that we would meet up on Monday in Chennai :)
thnkz guys...

i just got a reply from the dealer in delhi, and indeed they do have a local dealer here in bangalore. It is the Aditya Infotech group. Not sure of any other details yet.

i would be calling them up 2moro and would post more info on the details of this card and dealer information :)
mohamed : the card is excellent but way out of my budget, thanks for lettin me know about it though.

@Venkat : I had called ProMusicals Chennai today. Couldnt speak with Mr Sudhin, but the guy told me that they dont sell the M-Audio product anymore. instead suggested to go for PreSonus.

I checked for the card which i had initially started Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 and there are two dealers, one in Trivandrum, Kerala and other in delhi. I called up the dealer based in trivandrum and he informed me that particular card is not available but then there is card called Maya44 from ESI Audio ( ESI - MAYA44 ) which would approximately cost ~~ 7.5 K..

I also called up the local dealer in b'lore for the M-audio 2496 and cost would be somewhere around 8K +..
well well well,

I guess i am in luck, coz the next week i am working from chennai and would definitely check this out :)

I also happened to email the dealer in delhi asking for a quote about this product.

Thank you very very much for your prompt response.


hey there is one M-audio dealer at SP road , bangalore

Just in time.. Thank you very much for this very valuable information.
Would you have any idea what is the name of the dealer ? If yes, i would give him a visit on this saturday.
well i dont have the name ..:) .. u need to ask in sp road
it is on the right side at the middle of SP ROAD

i ve been there to check about USB guitar interfaces
prashant ,
if you are really interested in good quality 2 channel audio
there is hotUSB1 in ebay at lessthan 3k incl shipping, recommended by audiophiles.

Looks simple but gives v good sound,usb based so u can use n future with laptops too ,contains burr-brown dac chip PCM27XX ,one of the best in audio DAC
have a look

HotUSB1 USB DAC High-Performance Headphone Amplifier - eBay (item 260301848930 end time Oct-24-08 08:59:39 PDT)

if u want recording feature too u can go for M-audio cards [~9k]
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If you are interested in EMU 1212, there is one gentleman selling it in techenclave forum for about 6000 rs.

I bought EMU 1212 from US for around 6700rs when the $ conversion was at 39rs. Considering this, the above offer may be a good one.
Hi gmano,

thanks for the heads up.. I checked the EMU 1212 on the net and seems pretty interesting for the cost you mentioned.

Pardon my ignorance and the fact that i am looking for such a card, but i really have no clue what 1/4" balanced input/ outputs are; something which has been in my mind but could never understand.

i wanted to have pure analogue ( RCA out ) from a good quality sound card rather than using a stereo pin and then convert to RCA... :) ( hpe u wud excze my ignorance ).. :rolleyes:

What exactly are the inputs and output types that i could use. as of now, my AVR does not have any COAX or OPT inputs...
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