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Audio Myths ?

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Jun 1, 2010
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For all DIY guys and others too of course, it's important to 'try' and keep our target in view when overloaded with information and 'listener viewpoints'.

We want to know if we have reached the goal of an 'ideal audio system'. Since everyone's hearing and 'likes' vary a lot there is no one solution for everyone. It's good to listen to people who are in the field for many years and who work with others in the field. You need not agree with everything they say but some core concepts can be clarified better when we listen to them, or read their books.

Especially DIY guys, they just MUST listen to as many of them as possible to get familiar with the surroundings and understand where they stand. Remember , no matter how much you do or read or listen, there will always be more to learn ! Sometimes useful information ( experiences!) can come from someone not so expert at the game ! So always have an open ear and mind , because we 'always' learn 'more' and it's a never ending process!

So after that brief intro I suggest you watch some video's presented by Ethan Winer who also has books on the subject. One video will link you to several more by him and others which are worth while watching. Can dispel some 'myth's that you may have picked up or have just come to a conclusion on your own. Good to clean up the board once in a while and go through it again !
So here are a couple of such videos :
Pick up a drink and watch ! ;)


No special reason to start with this but I came across them this morning . Thought it might help several FM's. Some members seem to require clarification of their concepts . Instead of making huge posts these video's are a great place to get it from the Pro's.

Also remember that knowledge is always handed down from others and is a continuous process on this planet. If you are very fast and have great memory retention powers you can 'know' as much as the pro's. What would differentiate you from them is 'experience' . THAT is the key in all of this . It takes time and patience and can never be speeded up ! For the youngsters , start down that road now and for the older guys , fortify or clarify or correct what you already know and join the band wagon ......... Enjoy ! :D
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Sep 11, 2015
Second link works. Good explanations about this and that in electronics and speaker measurements.
In fact there is a link in the comment section on the original W/S by Ethan Winer.
Even this one throws "video unavailable"