Audio only or Video + Audio


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Aug 6, 2008
The best amps out there which are hugely expensive make a hue and cry about separate power supplies, separate cabinets which would reduce the interference and we are taliking about receivers where the audio and video processing go together. I am posing a general question in regards to this that would it better to keep the video processing for a video processor and the audio processing for a audio processor separate. If this is so are there any good vfm products which are available which do these? If this is the case then there could be two areas a digital processor for processing the audio and then coverting the same into analog for powering it up with a power amp. I think these setups would give a better performance than our standard
AVRs any thoughts on these ??????

I think the audio processing can take place n the digital domain like a pc and giving the o/p directly to the power amp ?????
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The thing you are discussing here is right but then it would cost a lot more, but the end result would be far better than anything. You could also go in for something like this with the seperates from the likes of NAD, Rotel, Marantz, Denon, Emotiva.
I meant to invite discussion on by using a pc made for just this audio/video processing and using power amps we can reduce costs and get a better alternative
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