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Jul 19, 2008

I am aware of AV Switch box, which can be used to connect multiple devices like DVD Player, Handycam, Playstation to the single TV. Based on your device, you can press the switch button. This is the device I am referring to:

3-Port-AV-Switch-01 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Now, my requirement is to have similar box. But it should have an option to put 3.5mm Stereo jack (the one that we use for Computer audio card). Is this available in India/Bangalore?

I want to share Creative 5.1 speakers with my Computer and DVD Player. Hence, looking out for a switch box which has 3.5mm stereo pin option.

Please provide your inputs.

I use one of these to connect the dvd to the tv and amp-but the damn thing's contacts wear out pretty soon and you get loose connections.Ipicked up this one in thailand-very cheap one.Probably a good quality branded one might not give you this problem.
Hi, does your box has provision for 3.5mm Stereo Jack (this is the pin that you use for Discman, PC multimedia card)???

You should be able to pick up one in any electronics market.

I have a brand new Audio Technica AT-SL03AV that I purchased in Tokyo. For details look at

audio-technica?製???報 AT-SL03AV

Though it is in Japanese. The unit has three AV input and one output. It does NOT have a 3.5 mm jack. You might need to use converters for that.

I paid 700 Rs for it and I am willing to give it to you at the same price plus courier charges.

Venkat, thanks for info. So looks like the only way is to use the same Switch Box and then use convertors!

Actually, in my case, I have a 3 wires having 3.5mm pins. Its creative 5.1 speaker cable which has Green, Black, Orange cables. I want to have Switch box for this.

The AV switch box usually contains 3 ports - Video, L-Audio, R-Audio.
I want all 3 for audio - which is used by 5.1 speakers.

Any suggestions?
I am not sure what the three wires are for. Can you check the Creative manual and let me know? I understand and XLR connection having three wires

XLR connectors have 3 pins that connect to three wires, 2 signals and a ground. XLR is closely associated with mics and often carries balanced, mic level signals. Again, it's a cable with 3 wires and it is also used with professional equipment for balanced line level connections and also unbalanced stereo signals.

So your third wire could either be for a microphone, a sub, or for grounding.

But in any case a AV Switch like what we discussed before may not be of use to you.
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