audio-video split


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Apr 16, 2008
Hi guys,

looking to buy a media player and I am considering Xtreamer/WD TV/Asus O!Play...The biggest dealbreaker for me is whether the player it will be able send the audio through optical out while the video is being sent through HDMI. I have the cambridge 540R amp with my HT system and that does not accept audio through HDMI. So while I will connect the HDMI cable directly to my LCD, I want the audio through optical to my amp.

I have seen the Asus O!play do this in my friend's place - there are 4 very clear options on how you want the audio to be handled whether 1.2 HDMI or 1.3 HDMI etc.., I dunno about the other players..if anyone has any knowledge on this please share..

I was pretty much sold on the O!play after seeing the price and the above feature, but seeing the Xtreamer fan following here I am being forced to reconsider :)


Xtreamer has optical out, you should be able to route the audio seperately.
Most of the media player can output sound from SPDF/Optical & vid from series WD2,Xstreamer can output sound from HDMI too(bitstream)
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