AV Expo at Chennai Dec 8 to 10


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Dec 7, 2007
Hi Friends,

There is an AV EXPO this week end Dec 8 to 10 at Chennai.

This is run by AV MAX magazine.

I am in the market for a good AVR and speakers for home.

I intend to play a close visit to this EXPO.

Any one of you in chennai - pl call me so that we can share our experiences.

Share experiences with regard to what ?

going by past shows don't expect anything great while at expo........
Flanker, the original posting is dated December 2007. I was wondering because I have not heard of any AV Expo in Chennai in the near future.

The one I know of is a some Electronics exhibition being run by The Hindu sometime in December.

thanks for pointing it out. this thing is confusing sometimes and I too was wondering what exhibition was coming up now

Anyway did you get about to doing the rack? any difficulties?
Don't worry, many of us have made the same faux pas. I make it a point to look at the posting date before replying. Once a whole set of us congratulated a dealer for opening a showroom, and then embarrassingly realised he had opened it a year before.

No, I have not yet gone to Guindy for the rack. I will be doing it over the next few days, and posting my thoughts.

Ya I realize how bad that must have been. Maybe I too would have kept wondering why Jay did not reply. Anyway I liked the way he said 'Any one of you in chennai - pl call me so that we can share our experiences'

Its so funny :D

Do reach out if you have any difficulties while doing the rack. Would be glad to assist
Hi venkat / flanker

Do you guys think Chennai is a better place to pick some audio stuff...amps and speakers to be precise.

I feel that Chennai is better in this.. has always been a music city...western and Indian.

Will be in Chennai next week and may have some time to check things out...

Any specific place you can guide me to...

Marantz,NAD or Yamaha stereo amps / SR or even AVR

Jamo, Wharfedale or AE speakers.

I auditioned a NAD 325BEE with Dali speakers y'day at ARN... awesome
not the price though:( 64K ....40K for speakers and 24 K for the amp...

My budget is only 30K..already up by 10K in the last few days. I do not want to look beyond that...even if it means music only from my ipod
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There is not much of a difference between the MRP of components in Chennai and Bangalore. It is the same here

Also do consider used stereo equipment. I come across good stuff often and it offers better value for money.
HI People,

Does any one knows about the KEF speaker systems,i checked with PROFX a year ago,seems they are one of the leading brand from UK.

think the bass is crisp and a better combination with denon amp for good stereo set up.well the speakers are slightly high priced but looks is sleek and cool.

KEF is one of the finest brands when it comes to speakers and they are extremely smooth sounding. Their CODA series and Uni Q series have won awards and are fantastic speakers.

Kef started off as small time speaker manufacturers on the premises of Kent Engg and Foundry (hence the name) and rose to prominence through 80s and 90s

The current range of speakers are ok. Partner it with a good British amp and it should be a good combination
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