AV Rack & Power Conditioner in DELHI


Nov 4, 2007
New Delhi
AV Rack & Power Conditioner in DELHI



Any one seen a good AV rack for Hi-Fi equipment in Delhi? Some dealers or market ref will be of help.

Also need help on a decent power conditioner as there is sizable fluctuation where I live. Can anyone help from where I can get one in DELHI/NCR? Also approx cost would be of great help.

Equipment I propose to connect to the Power Conditioner: Marantz PM 7001 amp, Marantz CD 6002, Samsung DVD Player, World Space Radio & Possibly a TV

Thanks for the help.
I believe this forum had talked enough on this topic. Try searching this forum with 'Voltage Stabilizer' and/or 'UPS' , "power conditiner' to read all such discussions.

A well built Servo voltage stabilizer can provide you somewhat clean power and protection. UPS can provide power back up in addition but only the Pure Sine wave type , any cheap UPS (available at Compuer shops, V-Gard stores, not ebven SUKAM and entry level APC too) is of no use as it being a Stepped Sine wave type can damage your exp[ensive Hifi gear. Further most cheap entry level UPS won't even provide voltage regulation and filter. It feed forward what so ever the AC main is supplied to it. At the most it can have a over voltage /Under voltage cut outs and short circuit protection. Stay way from such cheap UPS and Inverters.

A good Pure Sine wave UPS of rated capacity (in your case it could be 2 KVA+) will cost (30 K to 75K) more than all your Hifi gears put together! So if you can afford either then go for that expensive UPS or better settle for a Well made servo stab.

Check Krykard servo stab (I use one) or Vertex. 2 KVA sevo stab can cost you anything between 6K to 10K depending up on make. Get a servo stab with factory fitted EMI/RFI filters (that may cost you Rs 1000 more) , after market power strips with so called RFI/EMI filters are junk and may damage your set up! I paid Rs 13 K for 3 KVA Krykard Servo Stab with factory fitted RFI/EMI filters.

If you really want to first class : connect like this :

Wall outlet -> Servo Stab -> Isolation transformer -> Terminal strip with good gauge wire and brass contacts -> Hifi gears.

Ideal is Power regenerator. Period. Use AC mains only to charge batteries and run all Hifi gear through very high end Pure sine wave Power Inverter , this is as if you have your own power plant.

But before all that, call your electrician and check the earthing in your house wiring first. In most of the cases it is not done at all or done in a wrong way. Fix that first. Dedicated wiring, high quality wall sockets , tailor made extension box are some other things that you can consider.

Hope this helps.


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