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AV receiver / speaker setup

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier

Importing Hi end audio equipment via parcel forwarders is a good idea

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Sep 6, 2010
New Delhi
Dear Hifi vision gurus

Newbie here, joined hifivision to benefit and hopefully contribute in the future to this wonderful community. Would reuest your help and experience in setting up my first Home theater setup . The system will be installed in my main hall which is approx 400 sq feet. I already own a LG 42 inch LH90. The inputs to the AV receiver are going to be an HD HTPC, Nintendo Wii, DVD player (all these already available). I plan to upgrade to a Oppo Bluray player/PS3 in the near future .My Music is in either flac or high bit rate mp3 form in addition to CDs whilst the movies are either 1080p MKVs or SD avi files. The media is stored on a connected home made NAS and is streamed depending on the resolution either wirelessly/through an ethernet connection to the HTPC and then the TV through its HDMI out.

My requirements are as follows

(a) The setup with serve a 50:50 role to play movies as well as music.

(b) My music preference are inclined towards the heavier stuff as well as dark electronica and EBM (kamelot, christian death, dilinger escape plan,shinedown, psyclon nine,cadaveria and similar artists) . Though wife is a casual listener of soft rock and usual bollywood mishmash

For the receiver I have shortlisted the Onkyo NR 708


would welcome your comments about the choice of the receiver and additional recommendations if any. I'm primarily limited by the budget in the choice of the AV receiver. Intend purchasing it through Amazon.com and getting it shipped via borderlinx.com (costing me approx Rs 38,000 using the total expense calculator). Comments on the reasonableness of price and merit of importing via this channel would also be more than welcome

(Budget Rs 40,000)

I am however totally confused and at sea about the speakers to complete the HT setting. Choices post reading several reviews online are as follows

(a) Energy RC-Micro 5.1 (yet to get a quote from RIVERA INTERNATIONAL) However, more keen on a Floor standing speaker rig within a reasonable budget.

(b) Fluance SX-HTB : without the subwoofer available for Rs. 32987 at ebay global easybuy.This would be coupled with the Polk audio Subwoofer PSW 110 quoted for Rs 13,000/- at the profx.com website.

Again, reasonableness of price, choice of the speakers and the subwoofer and merit of importing these may please be freely commented upon.

Either ways if the gurus can point me towards a kick ass speaker set up 5.1 to start with and upgradeable to 7.1 at a later date in a budget of 45,000 - 50,000 (and places where the proposed speaker setup can be auditioned in mumbai) then I shall be greatly obliged.

I know its a long post and i request the forum member's support and cooperation to complete my dream build