AVR - 8Ohms surrounds in a 6Ohms chain?


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Nov 9, 2009
Quick question, just curious, what happens if you add 8Ohms surrounds to a 5.1 setup that is all 6 Ohms in FR/FL& C?

Is there a major impact on the sound, or is it livable?

Yes. it's less work for an amp to drive 8 ohm ..so your audio might be better if your avr or amp has problems with a complete 6 ohm setup.

I assume most of the time surrounds do not have much work to do, so the effect on the avr is much lower than if your fronts had switched to 8ohms
Thanks @avtar2008 and @spaace . I was looking at the DLS Flatbox Slim Mini On-wall speaker and these are 8Ohms. However my entire front chain is 6Ohms with QA concepts speakers.

Thanks this helps.

I had run the QA Acoustics C20 with 3090i and 3020i both of which are rated at 8 ohms, had not faced any issues runniong the same.
Impedance is never the same throughout frequencies for any speaker. It will vary with frequencies so, what you see in the spec sheet is just a rough number and some companies rate the impedance accurately while most of them dont.
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