AVR upscaling and plasma TV


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Dec 7, 2009
Hi Guru's,

I just started exploring options for setting up an entry-level HT system, as expected, suffering from information overload. Hence I would like to reconfirm some facts with experts here.

My background is
- TV to music/movie ratio : 70:30
- Music to Movie ratio = 70 : 30
- I already have a DVD player ( with no upscale feature ). No plans for blue-ray yet.
- I plan to signup either TataSky+ or BigTV for day to day TV viewing.
- I intend to purchase 42' panasonic plasma either C10 or S10( if the need for fullHD is justified )

Based on my R&D done so far, I gathered that Denon AVR can deliver a good balance of music and movies. The main difference between Denon AVR 1610 and 1910 is video upscaling capabilities. Now my question is wrt to plasma tv and video upscaling features of AVR's.

As I understand that Plasma can do a good job with SD contents ( which is my main requirement btw considering DTH channels and DVD movies ), which of the following will be a optimum setup for my system:

b) STB/DVDP - PLASMA ( for video )
use AVR 1610 for audio only

On a separate track of thought, since I am inclined more towards music listening and occasional movie watching, if i consider MARANTZ 4003 in favour of DENON 1610, no doubt MARANTZ is good at music than DENON, but how will be the price-to-performance ratio of MARANTZ setup compared to a DENON setup ?

You did not note your budget so I will assume certain limit based on the products you have mentioned. Also you do not state what your other components are, so I here is more generic feedback.

1. Marantz vs. Denon - There is not significant difference in the audio capabilities at the price you are considering. This is for quality recordings with decent speakers.

2. Re: connectivity, there are no issues in connecting STB - TV. Use the AVR for audio only for the same. Upscalaing STB is not a panacea for quality viewing.

3. You dont have to justify a fullHD TV, there is no need. 720P or 1080i is absolutely as good as 1080P. I own one and have checked with 1080P sets and so am stating from experience.
Hi Marsilians,

Thanks for your reply. Helps me firm up some of the things I was exploring esp Denon vs Marantz thing.

Regarding other components, all my exploration currently is online, havent really gone to the stores and done the audition. So based on WHF recommendation, I want to explore Q Acoustics or Wharfdale diamond speaker set.

Regarding budget, as it is evident, I am looking for a fit-for-purpose system than going for the latest-and-the-greatest in the market, of which, most of things i will not use. Basically looking at an entry level setup.

Over here in Singapore, I think the budget is around s$1500. I am planning to move back to bangalore in next couple of months. So I am seeing whether I can take advantage of reduced customs duty for transfer of residence.

btw, my friend got a ONKYO 507 with HECO speakers, which sounded fantastic at the studio setup, but over at his place, the system is so sensitive to noise and interference, he is struggling with the setup, calibration keeps failing, sound is not effective etc. That makes me wonder - Since not all of us can afford to have sound proofing at home, whether it is really worth in investing so much into these systems and they dont deliver a decent performance in normal conditions at home. Eventually they might end up as white elephants! :)
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