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Basic question about Parametric EQ

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series


New Member
Oct 29, 2014
San Diego
Can I use PEQ to lift bass response of a standmount speaker? If yes, what is the limit of this approach? How much increase at lower frequencies (in db) is accoetable? For a speaker with -6db point at 50 hz and -12 db at 32 hz, can I raise 12 db using PEQ for a flat frequency response till 32 hz. That would be sufficient for all kind of music except for home theater. one negative could be danger of burning the speaker by pumping so much energy in the speaker at that low frequency. How do I estimate what is the max energy I can put in the speaker safely? For average music listening levels ( about 86 to 90 db at 1 m), is there a danger for kef ls50.